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Coffee #10 - Spaceman Coffee

Roaster - Spaceman coffee
Origin - Laos
Region - South east Asia, south of the Salavan region border
Altitude - 1000 meters above sea level
Roast - Medium

Spaceman Coffee

Tasting notes: 

Smooth, mild and slightly sweet with hints of cocoa, Hazelnut and chocolate. 

Loas Bean & Leaf         Spaceman coffee

The story: 

Our mates at Spacify Store have done it again! Branching out into single origins and tea, we couldn't of asked for anything better. This unique brew is grown in southern Laos an area of rich volcanic soils and known for amazing waterfalls. In total Loas produces around 20,000 tons annually and coffee is its 5th largest export.

Spacify store is the brainchild of two die-hard space nerds. Combining their love of space, passion for organic and natural they created Spaceman Coffee. They small batch-roast, fair trade organic coffee on a Bullet R1 roaster. This awesome little (and I mean little) roaster uses induction for its heat!, pretty unheard of in the roaster world. It fits Spaceman perfect. A coffee out of this world.

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