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Bean & Leaf Kenya PB coffee beanBean & Leaf Kenya PB coffee bean
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Name - Specialty Brew by Bean & Leaf
Origin - Kenya
Region - Aberdare Range, Nyanza, Bungamo, Nakuru and Kericho
Altitude - 1500 - 2100 meters above sea level
Varietal - Ruiru II
Screen size - PB (Peaberry)
Process - Fully washed and sun dried
Roaster - Roastmax, drum 
Roast - Medium


Bean & Leaf Kenya PB coffee beanBean & Leaf Kenya PB coffee bean

Ruiru 11 - A F1 hibrid plant developed in Kenya. After an epidemic in 1968, when a breakout of coffee berry disease (CBD) lead to almost a 50% loss of Kenya’s production. They developed a high yielding, dwarf hybrid, tolerant to coffee leaf rust and resistant to coffee berry disease. Thus giving farmers a reduced production cost, easier to manage crop and making Kenya a leading producer of coffee in the world.

Growing conditions: 

The Aderdare range is a 160 km long mountain range north of Kneya's capital, with an average elevation of 3,500 metres (11,480 ft). It is located in Nyabdarua country, central west Kenya and just south of the equator.

Peaberry screen size: 

PB or a peaberry coffee bean, is the result from a coffee cherry producing one roundish "pea" shaped bean as opposed to two beans that are flattened where facing each other. PB is the name given to this grade of coffee bean. Beans are separated through the screening process with some fetching a higher price. Around five percent of crops are peaberry. They generally have a higher density, more concentrated sweeter flavour, rich aroma and a distinct bright but light acidity. 

Tasting notes: 

A medium body feel and bright acidity. Strong grassy flavour with notes of sweet fruit, blackberry, pepper and slight hint of citrus.


To try any single origin I always recommend using a pour over brew method. It is best black, the grassy tones don't mix to well with a creamy milk flavour.


We discovered a brew! 

Specialty Brews by Bean & Leaf, are unique coffees and teas that we source, roast and blend exclusively for you! Were always on the hunt for that something special to share with our followers.