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Tea #10 - Suborbital Tea

Name - Suborbital Tea
Region - Auckland
Flavour - Elderflower, hibiscus and ginger

Suborbital tea

Tasting notes: 

A vibrant red brew, that’s tangy but mild with a berry style flavour.

Elderflower         Suborbital Tea

The story: 

Our mates at Spacify Store have done it again! Branching out into single origins and tea, we couldn't of asked for anything better. This feature is a tasty, herbal tea blend of Elder flowers Hibiscus and ginger. A nice tangy berry flavour flavour. Elder flowers, also called European elder, have a long history of use in traditional German medicine. They have antioxidant properties and an antiviral effect. Help fight off any end of winter colds and wake up your taste buds.

Spacify store is the brainchild of two die-hard space nerds. Combining their love of space, passion for organic and natural they created Spaceman Coffee. They small batch-roast, fair trade organic coffee on a Bullet R1 roaster. This awesome little (and I mean little) roaster uses induction for its heat!, pretty unheard of in the roaster world. It fits Spaceman perfect. A coffee out of this world.

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