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Tea #8 - Kapitea

Name - Kapitea
Region - Kapiti coast, Wellington
Flavour - Oolong and orange peel
Name - Sun Warrior

Kapitea Bean & Leaf feature Kapitea Bean & Leaf feature

How to brew:

Add 1 teaspoon per cup to a tea pot or strainer, Infuse for 1-2 minutes in hot water. Rebrew up to 5 times, refrigerating in between.

The brew: 

Sun Warrior is a blend of oolong and orange. Most commonly known as a leaf rolled into a ball, oolong is actually a special semi-oxidzed process that comes in many forms from green to black. The Formosa oolong tea from Taiwan, is found in a region of rolling foothills that borders the forbidden central mountain range. This particular tea is more of a darker style from its oxidation and roasting process. Combined with zesty orange peel, this tea is super smooth, sweet and has a chai like flavour with a light yellow orange colour when brewed.  Packed full of natural vitamins and amino acids this tea is energizing and great for boosting metabolism and aiding digestion.

Kapitea tea ceremony Bean & Leaf feature

The story:

In 2009 Ray and Aymie decided it was time to share their joy of divine teas. In the early days they were introduced to the beauty and wonders of true tea experiences over in Singapore. Working with a master blender, they discovered the unique techniques of traditional brewing methods and learned how a good tea is truly crafted. Using his masterful knowledge and expertise they sourced and created a range of unique blends that not only taste grate but have a array of natural health benefits. Originally starting off as Divine Secrets they decided to changing up the identity to be more Kiwi in the world market. Being based in Wellingtons amazing Kapiti coast region, Kapitea is an awesome representation of the brand. We featured Kapitea not only because of a mighty fine brew but the fact that they are a true small family run business. Shearing knowledge of how tea can bring joy, how it helps with the mind and body and even showcasing the experience of traditional brewing methods.

Kapitea Bean & Leaf feature Kapitea tea ceremony Bean & Leaf feature

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