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Tea #9 - Websters Tea

Name - Webster's Tea
Region - Tauranga
Flavour - Earl Grey with blue cornflower petals 
Name - Earl Grey

Bean & Leaf feature Websters tea Bean & Leaf feature Websters tea

How to brew:

Add 2 teaspoons per cup to a tea pot or strainer, Infuse for 3 - 5 minutes. Great served black or with milk. It also makes an tasty earl gray tea latte, known as a “London Fog”. Just make a strong brew and add hot frothy milk. A dash of honey is a good way to naturally sweeten it to.  

The brew: 

Webster’s earl grey is a unique twist on one of the classic teas. It combines a blend of organic black teas with natural bergamot and royal blue cornflower petals. This tea not only looks good but tastes grate to. Smooth, sweet with a hint of malty flavours. Thanks to the bergamot, it gives the tea a refreshing citrus burst in the background. It’s reasonably strong and contains a mild amount of caffeine. So this tea makes an ideal mid morning brew.

Bean & Leaf feature Websters TeaBean & Leaf feature Websters tea

The story:

During Webster’s OE through Asia and beyond, he developed a hankering for good loose leaf tea, soaking up the brew and everything about it. When he returned to New Zealand the tea situation slapped him like a wet tea bag to the face! Kiwis had settled for tasteless, bagged dust as tea. Somewhere along the way we became too busy and convenience sucked the goodness out of our brew. Being determined to redeem NZ’s cuppa, he began crafting loose leaf blends using quality organic ingredients that look, smell, and taste ridiculously good.

The Tea shed is Marks base of operation, up on the outskirts of Tauranga. This is where the magic happens from sourcing quality ingredients, bagging and boxing and shipping around NZ. A unique sneak peek into the life of a tea master.

Bean & Leaf feature Websters Tea

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