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Bean & Leaf mystery brews, a tour of New Zealand's best coffee and tea for less than $2 a cup!

Get your coffee and tea the fun, easy way. Each month features a unique coffee and tea from one of NZ's best roasters and blenders. Discover what mystery brews await, with single origins or blends roasted to perfection and tasty teas from Oolong to herbal blends. Bean & Leaf makes a grate gift box for any special occasion or with and easy to set-up subscription sit back and enjoy your monthly mystery brews.

Bean & Leaf NZ, Coffee and Tea subscription and gift boxBean & Leaf NZ, Coffee and Tea subscription and gift box

How it works

Customize your order to suite your lifestyle. Select from coffee or tea, quantity and grind size.

 Bean & Leaf coffee bean pour over

Tea - Loose leaf 

Beans - For the best brews grind on demand 

Espresso -  Fine grind For all domestic espresso machines

Filter - Medium grind For all filter machines or manual brews 

Press - Coarse grind For all french press/plungers or manual brews 

All teas come as loose leaf making them Ideal for any non plastic and reusable infusers, teabags and teapots. 
Discover whats in your cup with each features exclusive BrewCard. A tasting and description guide with flavour notes, origins, ingredients, and more. 
Bean & Leaf makes it easy to experience a world of flavour. Send a box to a friend as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift. We can add personalized notes or gift warping free of charge. Subscriptions auto renew each month and are delivered to your door at home or a workplace. You can even pause, change or cancel your order if its tome for a change. Its as easy as that!
Bean & Leaf, Brew MasterBean & Leaf, NZ coffee and tea subscription and gift boxBean & Leaf, Brew Master

Mystery brews?

With so many tasty options and some containing special health benefits. Why not try something new? Let us do the work and a new mystery brew will arrive each month. Working with some of New Zealand's pioneering coffee roasters and tea producers, each mystery brew is chosen for its unique flavours and characteristics by an award winning roaster and Brew Master.   
Bean & Leaf can help you discover new aromas and tastes you never thought existed. Uplift your coffee break experience and make the most of your cup.

                           Just Brew it!