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Bean & Leaf business,  NZ coffee and tea supply
Bean & Leaf for one- Beans - NZ coffee and tea subscription box
Bean & Leaf for one - Espresso grind - NZ coffee and tea subscription box
Bean & Leaf for one - Filter grind  - NZ coffee and tea subscription box
Bean & Leaf for one - Press grind - NZ coffee and tea subscription box

Business Brew is for anyone in need of bulk supply. Perfect for the office, school staff rooms and more.

Enjoy your coffee break with a unique tasting adventure.

We make it easy with custom options to fit any business needs. Your clients will be impressed and workmates fueled for success. 

It's an easy way to bring workmates together and have some fun with a small part of your usual routine. Customize your order based on quantity, style and brew. With options of both coffee and tea, it covers everyone in the workplace and lets everyone join in.

We make sure the coffee is freshly roasted and send orders once a month, so you're always stocked up with fresh brews. We deliver the same experience that our retail customers get, with our custom "Brew card" describing the flavour profile, origins, ingredients and who they're made by. You can also check out the monthly blog about the featured producers and brews for more detail.

How it works:

Select what style of grind your coffee needs to be. We cater for all needs; from pre ground for stove tops, espresso machines and plungers, to whole beans for grinders and commercial gear. Sizes of coffee are in weights of 1kg but feel free to contact us if you want other quantities. The loose leaf tea option is also recommended, but you can choose to leave this out if you're a coffee crew. The tea is in selections of "small" 30 - 80g for around under 5 people, "Medium" 80 -  160g for around 10 - 15 people and "Large" 250 - 500g for around 20 - 50 people. 

  • A new taste every month
  • Proudly roasted and blended by locals
  • Beans or ground to your need
  • FREE standard delivery included

Payments are automatically taken via credit card on the 15th of each month, you can get invoices and receipts upon request. Easily manage your account online. You can pause or cancel any time after the minimum trial period of 3 months. So your brews can also take a holiday with an easy click.

Make break time more interesting in a tasty way. Contact us if you have custom needs. We can discuss anything from equipment to large quantities.

Just brew it!    

Subscription details
Subscriptions have a 3 month minimum period. The first box is charged on the date of purchase and on the 15th of each month ongoing. All boxs are sent around the 16th. You can edit or cancel your subscription anytime after the minimum period. Purchases before the 15th will receive their first box that month, purchases after the 15th will receive their first box the following month.
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