Mystery Brews

Mystery Brews

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Subscriptions have a 3 month minimum period. The first box is charged on the date of purchase and on the 15th of each month ongoing. All boxs are sent around the 16th. You can edit or cancel your subscription anytime after the minimum period. Purchases before the 15th will receive their first box that month, purchases after the 15th will receive their first box the following month.
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Get some of New Zealand's best coffee and tea with Bean & Leaf Mystery brews!  

The fun, easy way to discover new flavours for LESS THAN $2 A CUP!

Customize your monthly subscription with choices of coffee, tea, quantity and grind style. Each month features a unique Mystery brew from single origins and blends to Oolongs and herbal teas. 

Step 1 - Select your style of grind

Beans - For the best brews grind on demand 

Espresso -  Fine grind For all domestic espresso machines

Filter - Medium grind For all filter machines or manual brews 

Press - Coarse grind For all french press/plungers or manual brews 

Step 2 - Select your amount of coffee 

250g 500g 750g 1kg 2kg 3kg
14 Cups 28 Cups 42 Cups 55 Cups 110 Cups 165 Cups

Step 3 - Select your amount of loose leaf tea

 Small Medium Large
22 Cups 48 Cups 150 Cups
Its that easy! Customize your options below and wait for your monthly mystery brew to arrive.  
All sizes are approximate and can very. Please see our T&C's and Q&A's for further details.