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Get New Zealand's best coffee and tea with the MysteryBrew Pod Subscription!

NZ has a full-bodied history with coffee and tea. Being credited with inventing the Flat White and even Instant coffee. Now days we have Kiwi baristas winning championships, and world renown roasters with award winning beans. We made it easy and fun to explore these awesome brews. A mystery to what will be featured next youll get everything from Oolongs to herbals and Single origin and blends.

Landfill or Refill? By switching to reusable food grade stainless steel capsules. You can save hundreds of single use, plastic and aluminum pods from effecting our environment each year by helping cut down on pollution from manufacturing, shipping and waste.  

How It works

Steep 1 - Grind on demand with Beans or make it easy with perfectly Pre-ground coffee, to get the maximum extraction potential like a barista. Giving you thicker crema and a fuller-flavored brew than standard pods. By using coffee fresh from the roaster you know exactly whats in your cup. Just wash and Refill the capsules after each use and your ready for your next cup of joe. 

Step 2 - From the morning brewer to the crowd of crazy coffee lover friends. How many coffees do you drink a month?

Step 3 - Would you like some Tea with that? Its not all about you get something nice for your partner and enjoy an ever changing flavour of unique oolongs, herbals and blends.   

Along with your first coffee and tea features. You'll receive a FREE Bean & Leaf Tasting Journal! 33 cups of coffee and 33 Leaves of tea. You can take notes of your journey, create flavour profiles and score each one to find your favorite brews.


Its easy, subscriptions arew automatically renewed monthly. So you can sit back, relax and take it off the shopping list. All you need to do is customize your options below and wait for your monthly MysteryBrew to arrive. ALL FOR LESS THAN $2 A CUP!


Subscription details
Subscriptions have a 3 month minimum period. The first box is charged on the date of purchase and on the 15th of each month ongoing. All boxs are sent around the 16th. You can edit or cancel your subscription anytime after the minimum period. Purchases before the 15th will receive their first box that month, purchases after the 15th will receive their first box the following month.
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